EMID Data Analysis

We’ve heard a lot about the way EMID schools compare to member district schools. On this page we try to gather and analyze some data. Please let me know if you have ideas for other data that we should wrestle into shape to share on this page.

Member district expense growth and “per ADM” expenses

Expenditure Growth Chart PDF

Expenditure per ADM Chart PDF


  • The data for these charts can be found in our EMID Families Member District Data Analysis spreadsheet.
  • The sources of 2005-2010 data include the Minnesota Department of Education (see the 2010 Total Expenditures spreadsheet) and the EMID Business Office (Shari Thompson provided EMID ADM counts and EMID data for 2005-2010). The expenditure amount for each district is the “Subtotal: General Fund Operating Expenditures” column less the amount in the “Student Transportation” column. This subtraction was made to more accurately compare with EMID expenses, which do not include transportation. The EMID amounts do not include OEI and administration of shared services since these are costs unrelated to the magnet schools and thier ADMs.
  • The 2011 and 2012 data were pulled from each district’s 2011-2012 budgets as found on each district web site. This means that 2011 data was unaudited and 2012 data was projected. Since there were no 2011 or 2012 transportation or ADM data, these were carried over from 2010.
  • Projected 2013 EMID data taken from the 10% reduction budget proposal presented in the January 2012 EMID board meeting packet.