St. Paul Gives Notice to EMID

Both the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio are reporting that the St. Paul Public School Board has served EMID with notice of its intent to withdraw from the integration collaborative. Rehab Feshir writes for MPR: “St. Paul school board votes to leave integration district.”

In a statement released after the vote, the board cited changes EMID has implemented, including dropping Harambee and Crosswinds, as reasons for its intent to withdraw by the beginning of the next school year.

Doesn’t it seem amazing that the SPPS board, which worked so hard to kill Harambee and Crosswinds, would now site the departure of those schools from EMID as its reason for leaving the collaborative?

Anthony Lonetree posts for the Star Tribune: “St. Paul schools to leave integration district.”

The departure from the East Metro Integration District (EMID) takes effect after the 2015-16 school year, according to action taken by the school board at a special meeting Tuesday.

The one-year countdown starts ticking now.


John Brodrick Meet and Greet, 5/17

Come and Meet Saint Paul and EMID board member John Brodrick on Friday, May 17, 4-8 pm, IBEW Hall, 1300 Conway Street (east of Johnson Parkway).

Food, beverages, Brodrick stories, and a surprise. FREE, open to all DFL delegates, alternates and the public. This is a drop-in event, come when you can, say hi, stay a while, no need to stay for the whole event.

This is an old school political event – in a Union Hall, free (although we are not too proud to accept donations), fun (believe it or not, DFLers who care about our schools are actually fun people – if you love Saint Paul, you will see a cross section of the city; geographically, ethnically, by age, by gender, by race; be careful there may even be an East Side – West Side – Best Side argument about a football game from the 70’s, or a tennis match from 2013 – everybody who comes to this event shares one thing – they love Saint Paul, and our schools – all right that was two things). If you have never met School Board Member John Brodrick, (welcome to the DFL caucuses) or if you see him once a week, you will enjoy this event – a great candidate, great DFLers; people who care about our schools and community; who want every child to be successful will attend. Join us for politics that is fun, friendly, engaging, and because it is about our kids and our schools, politics that is important.

John is the only candidate running who has been DFL endorsed. As John puts it, “I have been a Democrat from Humphrey to Wellstone, to Vote No Twice and Turn the Ballot Over and Vote Yes For Kids.”

Saint Paul Public School board discussing EMID, 10/4

This has been posted on our EMID Families list a few times, but we also wanted to get it up on the website. The SPPS board will be discussing EMID school closure today at their 10/4 work session. Note that the agenda has just been revised and EMID is now item “D” on the agenda. This means the EMID discussion should happen after 5pm, in an effort to allow more of the EMID community to get to the meeting.

The details of the meeting are at the SPPS web site. It will be at 320 Colborne Avenue in Saint Paul.